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Dale's repertoire spans the eras, and includes some of the best music from the past century.  In one performance he lends his powerful voice and considerable talents on guitar and banjo to all genres of music - take a listen!

Check out Dale's 5-minute Live Demo, for samples of all genres or click below for a taste of your favorites!


Country Samples

Standard Samples

Fun Singalong Samples


"Dale has turned into a top-notch storyteller...ie...Harry Chapin. Most people never get to a level to even think of delivering stories in front of a live audience but, Dale has mastered this and it makes watching his shows extremely intimate." - S. Free, Cleveland, Ohio

"He can seriously sing ANYTHING. Just fantastic!!!"  - Leslie J - Johnson City, TX

Video recorded live as a single

I'm Beginning to See the Light

Pop Samples

Spiritual Samples

Broadway Samples


Folks are still talking about the show...Bev, Pete and staff are lovin' the comments and compliments!  That song to Paula early in the show...was outstanding and it absolutely endeared the crowd to you both."- T & M, Put-in-Bay, Ohio

His voice makes me think of a smooth 1940's/1950's lounge singer!"  - M. Ruiz, Las Vegas, NV