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Spring Mountain Ranch, Nevada

"Your Time Has Come"

In the fall of 2010, after many years in the making, Dale released his first album of mostly original songs.  'Your Time Has Come" features 11 originals that Dale has written throughout his career but has never put to vinyl; also included are 2 classics that were favorites of his parents. 


What people are saying.......

"I absolutely loved the  Stories CD but this one comes strictly from the heart."

  • The Old Dusty Road: "After listening to this one for a few seconds, it suddenly took me back to the old dusty road between St. Peter's and Sampsonville, Nova Scotia. "
  • Marisa: "What sweet & precious lyrics! "
  • The Wife: "Love, love, love this song!!!!!! It's cute, upbeat and totally enjoyable"  -- Kathy S., Pacifica, CA
  • Marisa: "Simply beautiful, a gentle and delicate song...WOW! Awesome." -- Val C., Cleveland, Ohio
  • The Day She Left:  "Wow, thatís beautiful, it was so hard to get through." -- Gary M., Columbus, Ohio
  • Home Is Where the Love Is:  "Our favorite remains Home Is Where the Love Is. I could listen to it for hours." -- Michele R, Cuyahoga Falls,  Ohio
  • "I don't want to buy a CD, now go away!" -- Bartender at Applebees, Las Vegas, NV